From government hush-ups, 911 attacks, and nuclear radiation, to the ancient wisdom necessary to make the desperate and urgent changes to save mankind and the planet Earth, this book covers it all! Car Ingman’s five decades of research exposes it all and yet guides the concerned and responsible reader to the steps of remedy through the corrected actions of individuals, businesses, and governments.
Humanity’s survival hinges on IMMEDIATE CHANGE – one person at a time! Kindness, caring, and fairness – harmlessly – in one’s thoughts, words, and actions are the only way to PEACE and HARMONY worldwide. Examples for all of us were lived by Jesus the Christ, St. Francis of Assisi, and many others of highly evolved consciousness in every major religion.
Fifty years of research, diligence in the practice of harmlessness, and meditation all come together in the writings you will find on this website and in the book meant to bring to mankind’s attention, once again, the necessity of living harmlessly in every kingdom on earth: mineral, plant, animal, and human.  A MUST READ for all caring citizens of Earth!
Enjoy the perusal of the website, or download the complete information as a FREE book below. Both are a chronological compilation of news articles, diligently submitted for print, over years of sharing this urgent information with all who would recognize the TRUTH of each article and seeking direction for remedy.
Your help in getting this information out as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated. Please pass the link to this website on to your friends and family; post it on your Facebook, Twitter, and anything else that would help get this vital message to the masses quickly . . . if ‘each one will reach one,’ the desired change is inexorable! Thank you.
Blessings on your journey.
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